Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Toronto Bits and Pieces

Time for a Toronto-centric update before I proceed with approximately 60 more posts about my Australia trip!

-There's going to be a huge party on Monday the 15th and you should come! HoHoTo, a festive benefit for the Daily Bread Food Bank, will rock The Mod Club. All your favourite web geeks, tech nerds, bloggers and Twitter addicts (guilty!) will be there! I'm excited for Photojunkie's photo booth and song requests beamed direct to the DJ via Twitter.

-Cupcake Camp may have been invented for San Francisco, but we love dessert in Toronto, too. Besides, we'll really need sweet solace by late January. Cupcake Camp Toronto will be on January 25th. I'm not too sure how it works yet (do I have to bake or can I just eat?) but I guarantee that I will be there.

-Gift idea alert! After months and months of excruciating work by my co-workers, a beautiful book about the history of Toronto has been published. The book is "Toronto: A Short Illustrated History of its First 12,000 Years". It covers natural history, the indigenous people, early settlers, the industrial age and Toronto into the 21st century. It's a really interesting read. This would be a great present for anyone who is interested in this city. Also, I'm proud to say that one of my photos from the ROM opening was included.

-For non-locals: did you know we're in POLITICAL CRISIS up here in Canada? Yep. Our plastic Prime Minister decided to close parliament to save his job instead of dealing with the failing economy. Confused? Here, John Stewart will explain the situation for you. I agree, it is very, very funny if you don't care about what happens to Canada. TEAM COALITION, woooo!


Anonymous said...

oh yay, cupcakecamp in toronto! finally!

i've never made cupcakes myself though... eep.

i'll be at hohoto too! see you there :)

CupcakeCampTO said...

Thanks for mentioning us in your blog post. As for CupcakeCampTO, baking is not mandatory, but we do encourage people to bring 12 of their favourite cupcakes (even if you buy them or outsource the baking part). Hope to see you there!

PS - we'll be at #HOHOTO to say hi.

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