Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things to love about Australia: Cadbury Variety!

Cadbury Carnival

Here in Canada, we have a Cadbury choice of plain Dairy Milk, Fruit & Nut or Caramilk.

The Aussie selection goes something like this:
Dairy Milk, Fruit & Nut, Caramello, Snack, Marble, Turkish Delight, Cashew, Brazil Nut, Breakaway, Duo, Peppermint, Macadamia, Tiramisu, Dream, Hazelnut, Milky Top, Creme Brulee, Fudge Brownie and Rocky Road

I have one last block of Cadbury Macadamia stashed in my kitchen cupboard. I'm saving it to help me through my next personal crisis. Emergency rations.

Cadbury Bounty

I know Cadbury isn't the world's finest chocolate - not for the discerning desserter, no. But, I like it. Super sweeeet!


Atsuko said...

mmmm I love them. :)

Netts said...

brazil nut?!? gimme!

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