Wednesday, December 24, 2008

knitting cast-off

Holy bumper baby crop in 2008! You kids must already be battling for pre-school spots. All the new arrivals kept me busy with baby projects but I did not get something finished for everyone on my knit list. Sorry if I missed you: your baby is obviously precious precious precious. But, look: it takes a very long time for those tiny stitches to accumulate into anything.

5 Hour (ha!) Baby Sweater
baby cardigan
striped baby cardigan
sock yarn baby cardie

All of these ones were for girls. Which do you like best?

Oh, hey, I also did some adult knitting, like gifty scarves and hats. I have made zero progress on my own quiviut lace scarf, however.

Another Boyfriend Scarf
Hot Head Hat (Stitch 'n' Bitch)

Get this: last night, I watched a KNITTING MOVIE. And it was Japanese. I was in heaven. The film was 'Wool 100%', released in 2006. Like so many Japanese movies, it is extremely weird and beautiful. The hand-drawn animations are great. Also, I've decided that when I'm an old lady, I am DEFINITELY going to scamper around town in a fur-collared purple kimono, poking at everything with my cane. Can't wait.

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