Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nuit Blanche

Saturday night was Toronto's 3rd ever Nuit Blanche, "a free all-night contemporary art thing". No less than a million people came out to see the city transformed in countless creative exhibitions. This may come as a surprise to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who says that ordinary Canadians don't care about the arts.

I loved to see City Hall changed into a giant interactive display. Super-sized pong!

Ryerson - Duck Hunt
Ryerson - Light Up The Night

There were displays scattered all around town.

Into The Crowd
Blue Vortex
This blue sculpture filled up the Eaton Centre.

Rock you like a Hurricane

My favourite part of the night was this performance art piece called "I Promise It Will Always Be This Way" by John Sasaki. "For 'I Promise It Will Always Be This Way' a few dozen costumed team mascots will take the field at Lamport Stadium and work to whip the crowd into a fervent frenzy. They will cheer and clown around, while stadium rock plays over the loudspeakers. As the evening progresses and fatigue sets in, the mascots require cigarettes, naps, snacks and bathroom breaks. The music slows down to mirror their lethargy. The dwindling of enthusiasm and the breaking of the illusion dash expectations as a celebration of futility and pathos." I appreciated the statement about our society's weird need to be constantly, unsustainably Rah! Rah! Rah!ing.

Here are the rest of my photos from the night. I missed out on a number of the better installations since it is impossible to see everything by 7am. Also, some of the things I did see were dull or vandalized or missing, which was definitely disappointing. Still, it was a fun night and I know next year to bundle up more warmly and to plan my route more carefully.

Did you go out to experience Nuit Blanche? What did you think?

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Team Knit ! said...

I was out for Nuit Blanche too, and it was fun! I don't know if the art displays were as good as in previous years, but hey, it's still an amazing celebration of art, and more people come out to it than might noramlly go to a gallery. So in your face, Stephen Harper! ; )

Your photos are awesome! Thanks for sharing.

- Julie

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