Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chicago Road Trip - College Ball

I wasn't being obscure here (sorry Cousin John!) - I really did go to Chicago for the Labour Day long weekend. I would not ever want to drive any further for a weekend away - with petrol stops and rush hour delays, the trip was ten hours each way. My only option was to leave Toronto at rush hour on Friday afternoon, which accounted for at least an extra hour on the road. Once we crossed the border, the many miracles of confection available at American gas stations made the journey more bearable for me: Krispy Kreme donut holes! Swedish Fish! Chocolate-covered Nutter Butters! Orbit gum! Spicy chili Doritos! Chocolate-covered macadamias! Wow.

First thing on Saturday morning, we were presented with the opportunity to attend a college Big Ten football game, Northwestern versus Syracuse. We accepted the invitation - why not? First things first, we made a(n apparently necessary) trip to Mustard's Last Stand for a college ball breakfast.

Mustard's Last Stand

Brat with the works

We walked into Ryan Field and I was struck by how intimate the stadium is. The players on the field seemed so close!

Ryan Field

WIldcats VS Orangemen

I was overwhelmed with the energy and the American-ness of the college football experience. Of course, I was also transfixed by the cheerleaders.

Rah rah Syracuse!

I guess what most impressed me was how the spectators were so into the action. Do alumnae of Canadian universities have such passion for their old schools?

Flag runner

Northwestern is on the board!


J-Dawg said...

Roadtrippin' in the States is sooo much better than in Canada. I especially love the southern States with their BBQ pits every few miles. And where can you find canned possum, but at the gas station of course!! The closest thing in Canada that I've experienced are the Irving Big Stop stations in New Brunswick.

j-dawg said...

...O ya. I am amazed with the college sports thing too. I was stunned when 50,000 people showed up for an Ohio State pre-season football game in Columbus. It was actually the Buckeyes A-team (white) vs. the Buckeyes B-team (red). It must be insane when Michigan is in town.

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