Saturday, September 27, 2008

Aussie Rules Footie Fans in Toronto

Spadina Avenue is a long, long way from the MCG but a few Toronto-based footie fans gathered there late last night to watch the AFL Grand Final.

I was born in Geelong and lived there on and off as a kid, so obviously I barrick for the Cats. Here's my brother and I at a happier hour, before our hopes for Geelong were dashed.

The big screen at the Ferret and Firken a great way to watch the match (except when the satellite signal was lost for what seemed like ages with six minutes left on the clock). I'm used to watching footie on tiny news website windows.

Geelong went in as the favoured team. For the first 3.5 quarters of the game, Hawthorn and Geelong matched each other point for point. Then, with 30 minutes left, Geelong let it slip and the Hawks racked up goal after goal after goal. With 23 behind kicks, it was as though every Geelong player had put his football boots on the wrong feet.

When it was all over, Hawthorn had 115 points on the board, overwhelming Geelong's 89. I was sad but some Hawkers fans were more than pleased.

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Rob de Santosq said...

Glad the party was a success there. AFANA was happy to have it listed on our web site this year for Canadians and visitors to find it. The signal loss in the 4th quarter lasted about 3 minutes (we timed it).

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