Monday, August 18, 2008

3 things to share

Beautiful Screen Saver:
The Word Clock screen saver can be customized by language, colour and layout. I have a green Japanese theme on my home iMac and the red rotary theme at work. (Photo by gabyu)

High Fashion Cut and Paste:
Make a little paper Hermès purse! Go to their site, choose 'travel the world of Hermès' then choose the paper purse image. Perfect for gathering paper clips and other shiny things on your desk.

The Latest Meme:
Called 'Face Your Manga', it's all the rage for icons and avatars as of late last week. Honestly, I don't think they look much like manga. Is this a fair likeness of me?


Sameer Vasta said...

It's pretty close to your likeness. Not quite perfect though: you're even prettier in person. =)

I posted mine a few days ago too.

Anonymous said...

i have to admit that i am no fan of these avatars. not only do they not look anything like manga (as you point out), but i find that they all look the same. i can't distinguish between them and they don't really look anything like the people they're supposed to represent.

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