Monday, July 07, 2008

Good things gro-ow in Ontario

Strawberry picking!

Step 1: Find strawberries. Here's a tip - try looking for them at a strawberry farm.

sweet discovery

Step 2: Pick strawberries.

berry buddies

Step 3: Place berries in a basket.

getting started

Step 4: Frequently test the quality of the produce.

Quality Assessment

Step 5: Admire the tiny creatures of nature, overhear snippets of conversation in Spanish between the migrant workers from Mexico who are also picking berries.

iridescent beetle

Step 6: Continue to pick berries until you have more than enough.

my basket is full

Step 7: Make a run for the kitchen!

To the kitchen!

Let's get another look at that bounty of berries. Gorgeous!

berry bounty

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Anne said...

Oh yum!!
Now I have that song in my

Nice blog :)

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