Saturday, July 26, 2008

feast or famine

This is all the activity on my Aeroplan account for the past year:
-a flight on one of the world's longest (now defunct) routes
-a bottle of Arizona ginseng and honey iced tea

I was about to write that this chart is representative of how I spend money - frugal day-to-day stuff and budget blow-out on travel. But, this is not completely true: I do spend money on eating well, clothing, hobbies and a comfy little apartment.

Related: if my confirmation ever comes through from Qantas (I've been waiting six days now...), I will be in Australia from November 2nd to 23rd! That includes a couple of weeks visiting family, friends and favourite places around Victoria, then a four-night visit to the red centre, then a final three nights in Sydney. I'm stoked!

1 comment :

Suzy said...

I hope Qantas come good! That will be a lovely time of year to be in Sydney.

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