Sunday, June 15, 2008

thinking about Bangkok

After three post-work cocktails on Thursday night, I decided I needed a haircut. Like, immediately. So, I wandered on over to the $13 walk-in hair cutting joint at College and Bathurst. There was no-one waiting and I hopped into a chair right away.

As soon as I heard the hairdresser speak, I knew she had to be from Thailand. She was, indeed, from Northern Thailand but she had lived in Bangkok for many years as a hairdresser before coming to Toronto. We chatted about Bangkok while she cut (rather too much of) my hair.

Since then, I've been thinking a lot about the city. The four days I spent in Bangkok last fall were mostly overlooked in my travel blogging because that destination was nowhere near as exotic or scenic as some of the other places I went afterwards. But, Bangkok is absolutely a really exciting, colourful and interesting place. It has just the right balance of charming and rickety vs. sleek and modern to appeal to me. I hope to go back some day.

Spirit Tree

Long Live The King

Indian Temple on Silom Road

Yellow shirts all around? Must be Monday in Thailand.

Vintage Line-up 2


Dave said...

So - let's get a shot of the new do.

Andrea said...

Oh, it's really not worth showing off. An undeniable $13 cut that sticks up weirdly at the back.

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