Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh, disappointment.

There's something more than a little annoying about this. I spent a fair bit of time and cash on knitting this pattern (with no errors at all!) and it still looks very unflattering. Sigh...

Zephyr Juliet - front

Zephyr Juliet - back

Project specs:
Pattern: Zephyr Style Juliet in size small (although it fits like XL)
Yarn: 5 skeins of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in Silver Gray
Modifications: I followed the pattern exactly.
What I like: I do like everything about the pattern except the whack sizing.
What I don't like: This is a small! And it's gigantic! And I used a recommended yarn weight! And the recommended needle size! And so it shouldn't have turned out like this! Ugh. The cardigan adds unneeded bulk at my hips and conceals my waist so that I look like a giant silver bell. When I was at the transition point between the bodice and the skirt, I thought about re-calculating the pattern so that it wouldn't flounce out so much. I decided to put my trust in the pattern and follow the directions instead. I should have listened to my instincts.
How I'll be wearing it: I don't know if I can wear it without looking ridiculous. The photos don't accurately demonstrate how weird the fit is. I might put some elastic at the waist so that the cardigan has a little shape to it.
What's next: There's baby knitting to start, thanks to my fecund friends. I would love to try the Marilyn jacket from Twinkle Big City Knits (which I have) but that's another project that could be very unflattering on my figure. I'm 33rd in line to get Sensual Knits from my library so that's something to look forward to. Berroco has some great new patterns, too...


Team Knit ! said...

Oh, no!!! I hate to be the one to say it first but... did you swatch?

And if you did, and you got gauge on the swatch, did you wet block it? Sometimes I find that my knits grow a lot in the blocking stage. Not swatching or blocking is 99% of the time the culprit on sizing issues.

Options: you could frog it and use the yarn for something else, or you could wash it and throw it in the dryer to see if it shrinks up a bit, or you could give it to someone that is a few sizes bigger than you.

That really sucks that it's not perfect for you- I feel your pain!

- Julie

Miriam said...

You did a great job on it, though. But yeah, to put time & energy & money into something and then not have it turn out like you want - horrible!

Can you try darting? Buttonholes instead of loops? Not sure if those are possible, but it looks like if the top half were just more close-fitting it would work out. Hmm.

Phil said...

From a guy's perspective: if you don't wear too much under it, while still in good taste; it could be very flattering and sexy. It's a nice piece.

laura k said...

Hm. Maybe I don't know nothing, but I think it looks cute. Then again, I'm the not-even-30-year-old whose own mother said she looked "matronly." I have not yet found the courage to knit clothing things, but I think you did a great job!

Netts said...

boo, i'm sorry. all that work wasted...

i think it would look better over a cute tanktop. and i think if the top half were more fitted it would look great so instead of restarting maybe just thread a pretty ribbon right above the flare and have it tighten the top. but don't tie it in the front, just sew the ends into the edge. then again maybe i'm just talking nonsense.

Anonymous said...

As a 30 y/o Man, pardon me saying so but you could wear a potato bag and it would be ever so flattering.

The sweater thing looks good as far as clothes go.

Andrea said...

Wait a second, a 30 y/o guy who thinks I look nice no matter what? Don't stay anonymous, kind sir!

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