Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Mapped: the Siege of Toronto

Siege of Toronto map, 1837

A friend showed me this map and I had to share - you know how I love maps, especially hand drawn ones.

I scanned this from 'Remembering The Don: A rare record of earlier times within the Don River' by Charles Sauriol, Consolidated Amythest Communications Inc., 1981 (you can read it online here). The "Troubles of December 1837" were part of the Upper Canada Rebellion. I love how most of present-day urban Toronto is simply labelled "The Bush" or "Woods". Do you ever picture the city streets as mere tracks through forest or marsh? The 'toll bar' at Bloor and Yonge is also interesting - imagine trying to block today's traffic at that intersection with a simple gate.


Parzifal Odinson said...

Thats a GREAT map...

So I stole it and saved it to my 19th century file.

Did you know there was a MASSIVE french fort near where the present C.N.E is "fort roulle" modern with masonry foundation and all that.

At the coming of the English they burned it rather then surrender it.

This was a bit prior to the french and indian war period.

Sorry just another bit of the Toronto history for ya to chew on.

I am a huge history buff my present period of study is the 1690-1800.


Team Knit ! said...

Oh wow- I'm not a history buff at all, but I still found that mapp super interesting. It's so funny to think about the evolution of hte city!

- Julie

Anonymous said...

that is the coolest thing i have seen in a while!!!

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