Friday, June 27, 2008

armchair/desk chair adventure

I just read "A Scandalous Life" by Mary Lovell and I highly recommend it. This is the biography of Lady Jane Digby, a woman who romanced her way through 19th century European high society, eventually opting to lead a Bedouin's life in the deserts of Syria. Lady Digby's diary and letters lend much charm to the story although I feel that Lovell's treatment is a little uneven. Still, it's worth a read for a rush of adventure.

book stack

Other adventure reading to recommend: the beau of a very dear friend is blogging his adventures as he motorbikes from London to Cape Town. Read about the project here and read Yarema's impressions here.

A new blog discovery for me is Li-Ping's "a wanderer in Bhutan". I am dead set on visiting Bhutan some day but until then, her photos will nourish my curiosity.

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