Tuesday, May 20, 2008

no news, good news

I saw this video on Flickr today and thought it was worth sharing. Beautiful, right?

This YouTube video is very similar but the execution is more comical. Plus you get that rousing BBC World opening graphic which makes you feel like you're tuned into what really matters on this planet.

Confession time: I despise local news and always have. The hysterical coverage of incidents of little consequence, the human interest filler, the NIMBYism, the hack journalists, the all-round dreariness... that's what I skim blogs for! BBC World is pretty much the only news program I watch (I may pay attention to the occasional CBC national broadcast when something big is happening in Canada). Maybe I'm a news snob?


Ben Lucier said...

Love the first video... especially the soundtrack. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

The music is "Theory of Machines" by Ben Frost and it's available on iTunes.

Yes, I liked it, too. ;)

Ben said...

I just downloaded it from iTunes, thanks for the info Andrea.

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