Monday, March 24, 2008

when spring arrives...

A Peaceful Spot

I woke up this morning, on March 24th, to find another layer of fresh snow on the ground. This is the winter that will never end.

Okay, weather drama aside, from what I know about the way the earth tilts and moves around the sun, I have faith that it will warm up here. This is my list of things I want to do around Toronto once the sidewalks are no longer icy. Care to join me for any of these?

-start running in the park again, maybe even in the mornings
-go to Little India for a thali meal with my bro
-walk the length of Roncesvalles
-spend an afternoon walking along The Danforth
-go shopping on Eglinton between Yonge and Bathurst
-check out one of the two Khmer restaurants in town
-explore Dupont west of Shaw, take a photo of the run-down "Burma Video" shop
-walk the Belt Line Trail
-spend some time on Queen Street East, pay a visit to The Naked Sheep wool shop and this new cupcake bakery
-walk up to the cluster of flower shops at Av&Dav and treat myself to a bouquet


t.sweet said...

I do! I miss Toronto :(

J-dawg said...

The J-Dawg would dig the little India trip!
I also think you should revise your Yonge to Bathurst shopping trip to Avenue to Bathurst since there is nothing before Avenue of interest (shopping wise) except Loomis art supplies.

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