Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pre-Birthday weekend

The current provincial government created a new holiday for Ontario: Family Day! It falls on the 3rd Monday of February which is especially exciting for me because it means that from 2008 onward, there will always be a long weekend right before my birthday. Fun!

I went home to Waterloo for Family Day long weekend, thanks to my brother bravely loaning me his car. Birthday festivities included a dinner of crab cakes and cocktails at the surprisingly good King Crab in Kitchener. Really, who would expect such great seafood in a place so agonizingly far from the ocean? Other birthday treats included gifts of books and pretty girly things (like earrings, craft supplies and ceramics). I also received a replacement for my moribund iPod Mini: an iPod Nano! I have named it 'matcha' because it is such a beautiful soft green.

feminine and flowery, picked by me

In the background is an accordion file folder form Galison, another birthday gift. Now that I'm an adult, I have ever so many extremely important documents to manage.

greens blues purples

Yarn fans may like to know that wool is hand painted Colinette Tagliatelli in Gauguin. I got two hanks on sale but I haven't yet decided what to make with them.


Word to the wise (the biscuit-loving wise): I shouldn't even be telling you this but... my beloved TimTams from Australia have been spotted again in Ontario! About four years ago, they appeared in a few grocery stores for a short time. Now, they're back. These ones were procured from two branches of Zehrs in Waterloo. In Toronto, I'd recommend checking the cookie shelves at Loblaws. I share this valuable information only because I care about you.

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