Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Matter of Great Consequence

I am at an impasse with my hair.

I haven't had it cut since October: I am dishevelled and bedragelled. A mess.

I'd been relying on the trusty Natalie Portman pixie cut for many months but last time I went to get a haircut, I brought along this photo of Selma Blair's slightly more interesting, edgey style. I was at my usual salon but the hairdresser was new to me. I didn't realize it until later but I had broken my rule of only allowing people who are cooler than me to cut my hair. I was well into my appointment before I figured out I was being styled by a hockey mom from Oshawa with a bad perm. Hmm....

In an vain attempt to get that Selma Blair style, she cut the top very short then she used clippers to shave my head right up to the crown. Pretty much, I ended up with an army enlistment haircut. You could see scalp. It was bad. It was so short that no amount of styling or product could affect it. I looked like Monchichi.

Not surprisingly, being the recipient of an unwanted buzz cut made me wary of hairdressers which is why I'm in the shaggy state I'm currently in. But! I have an appointment on Saturday with a highly recommended stylist. Now I have to choose between either going back to the usual short crop or getting cleaned up before letting this mop grow long. Longer hair would be a change for me, and change is good, but the years of in-between styles will be so tedious. I have dark hair and fair skin so I like the boldness of a short, sharp cut on me. What to do? Please advise!


Anisa said...

I like the old short cut!

kiran d said...

short. it looks good on you and it's easier to manage!

Vasta said...

Looking forward to seeing photos of the new cut!

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