Thursday, February 28, 2008


Birthday Bouquet

I'm now 30. The transition thus far has been painless. It would have been tough to be sulky when a stunning flower arrangement arrived for me at the office as my co-workers fed me vanilla layer cake.

my new desk @ work

Saturday was my day to do as I pleased. I slept in and skipped the gym, ate chocolate for lunch, went for a stroll in Bloor West Village, shopped... I was seriously fortunate with the warm weekend weather, especially considering how this week has been. It's not often I can wander around on my February birthday without mitts on.

That day, I also went through with my much anticipated haircut. You won't be surprised to hear I selected a very short look again. I'm all for the kind of instant gratification/beautification that just isn't possible with long hair. This new stylist really knows what he's doing. He's so careful and attentive and he has a sense of whimsy too. He shaved an asymmetric swoosh at the nape of my neck: fun!

On Saturday night, I had a drinks thing with friends at my default local spot for beer and cocktails. I had a great time, so great that I forgot to take even a single photo! I think I impressed a few people with my tequila absorbing abilities. Hey! If you chipped in too much money on Saturday, let me know; I've got some change to give you!


Betty said...

aww aint that my postcard over your desk! i'm glad it's gettin some exposure...

Andrea said...

TWO of your postcards in fact, Betty! ;)

huy said...

i still read (and thoroughly enjoy) your blog!

and i will update mine soon with something utterly boring just because of you.

you are a beautiful 30. stunning actually.


Heidi said...

I'm not going to lie, I was one of the people impressed with your tequila absorbing abilities! And your hair really is great - especially the swoosh.
Nice to see you. Hopefully the next time will be before your next b-day!

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