Sunday, December 02, 2007

Spins & Needles

On Friday night, an army of weird and varied monsters was brought to life in Toronto.

Spins & Needles is an awesome idea out of Ottawa. It's a craft party with a proper DJ. This was the first S&N in Toronto: I hope there will be more. I loved the chance to cut, sew, glue and get collectively creative with motivation from great music, beer and friends. My boomerang-headed monster was inspired by my favourite dinosaur (Parasaurolophus, clearly). He turned out okay but some of the other plush creatures were true works of art! Monster dolls/ugly dolls seem to be a hot item right now. I want to make more! Please send me your spare buttons and fabric scraps.


Atsuko said...

I should've gone... :(
Next time!

bunnyhero said...

so much fun! so glad you invited me :D

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