Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Weird Happenings


Toronto saw 29 degree weather on Thanksgiving Monday. It's October 10th and I'm walking to work in a short-sleeved blouse, a short skirt and bare legs. What is this madness? A pleasant blip or a taste of things to come? I do miss my crisp, breezy October days...

My hometown team, the Geelong Cats, won the Australian Football League championships for the first time in 44 years. I hear the whole city is in party mode and I wish I could be there to enjoy it. Even more, I wish my grandmother were still alive to see her beloved team become the champs.

The Canadian dollar hit parity with the American dollar for the first time in my lifetime. Today, a loonie is worth $1.02 US. This is contrary to everything I have ever known about how money works (which, admittedly, isn't much). This was perfect timing for me as I was traveling and spending in places where prices were in US dollars. I'm wondering how else I might take advantage of this situation without having to cross the border. What do I need that could be procured online?

Perhaps the strangeness will continue in the form of an NDP majority being voted in during the Ontario provincial election today?

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J-Dawg said...

YOu can find it all on e-bay! and for cheaper than retail in most cases!!

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