Tuesday, October 09, 2007

My verdict is in.

Best weather: Halong Bay
Best airline, long haul: Royal Thai
Best airline, regional: Bangkok Airways
Best posh food: Royal Thai cuisine in Bangkok
Best down home food: Ho Chi Minh City
Best affordable luxury: Le Meridien Angkor, Siem Reap
Most livable cities: #1 Hanoi, #2 HCMC and Bangkok, tied
Most tempting shopping: Phnom Penh
Handsomest boys: Phnom Penh
Flirtiest boys: HCMC
Friendliest locals: Siem Reap
Coolest mode of transport: elephant, mototaxi
Best tourist attraction: Bayon at Angkor Wat
Best urban wildlife: bats in Phnom Penh, swooping low over the hotel swimming pool
Most unappealing snack: tempura frogs in Hanoi
Best deal: 6 Bhat ($0.20) for a bunch of orchids at a rural Thai market
Biggest eye-opener: urban and rural poverty in Cambodia
Most worrisome moment: being taken away by a police escort for questioning at O'Hare Airport on my way home
Biggest obsessions: lotus flowers, pineapple beverages
Most desirable souvenir: Khmer silk
Most overrated experience: Thai-style massage
Most underrated experience: wandering around Phnom Penh
Biggest Angelina Jolie moment: donating my blood at a children's hospital in Cambodia
Best scenery: Halong Bay
Thing that made me squeak with the most delight: Reclining Buddha in Bangkok
Most annoying touts: cyclo drivers in Hanoi, tuktuk drivers in Bangkok
Biggest 'I don't wanna go home' moment: watching the full moon rise from the top deck of the cruise ship in Halong Bay


Anisa said...

Welcome back!
I can't wait to see your pics and hear more about your trip...
you were missed.

J-Dawg said...

Baan Yin Dee!
We'll chat this weekend. Maybe you'll have some pics.

Percival said...

Ah, memories of us and the reclining Bodhisattva... now if only you found one riding a bicycle... ;)

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