Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sok Sabai from Siem Reap

I'm actually typing this in Hanoi because the Khmer computer set-up at the filthy internet cafe I went to in Siem Reap couldn't log in to Blogger.

I can now check off 'visit Angkor Wat' from my lifetime to-do list. It was fantastic and I hope that at least a couple of my photos turn out well so that I can share the atmosphere with you.

I had a terrific time in Cambodia, mostly because of the local people. Even those living in the toughest conditions were always ready with a smile. Everyone asked about where I'm from and how I'm enjoying my stay. They all say, "Thank you for your visiting to Cambodia!" They seem truly happy that foreigners are coming to see their country. I think I will be enchanted with all things Khmer for quite a while.

My heart loved Cambodia but the rest of my body didn't. I somehow caught a cough/cold in 34 degree weather, I had mysterious hives all over my torso, my face broke out, my digestion went dodgy and I got a thorn in my ankle. The good news is that I did not fall off Angkor Wat and I haven't had food poisoning since Bangkok. I'm not exactly feeling 100% right now but there are many things to see and do so I trudge on. I'll get a first glance at Hanoi today and Halong Bay tomorrow.


nicole said...

hey Andrea - hope you have arrived in Vietnam and feeling a bit better now. In Hanoi, I really enjoyed walking around the lake, through all the shopping districts, visiting the Temple of Literature and Fine Arts Museum. I always wished I'd had time to get to KOTO - a restaurant/NGO which has helped train street kids in the hospitality industry. So if you get a chance to visit, I'd be interested to hear what you think! Happy travels!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Hope you are having a great trip Rea - health issues notwithstanding. I can't wait to see the millions of photos I'm sure you're taking!


(BTW - there was a mini vespa-rally on Carnaby street today ... you would have approved)

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