Monday, July 23, 2007


"A place for everything and everything in its place"
"Have nothing in your home which is not beautiful or useful or both"
"Neat as a new pin"

These three sayings relate to my living space. I'm big on neatness, organization and clean surfaces. I keep only attractive items on view. I have trouble sleeping in messy rooms - I can't relax! I hate the look of a space where electronics cables, discarded packaging, crumpled clothing and stacks of papers are tangled up filling every void. If you cannot feel comfortably in control of your own tiny corner of the world, what have you got? Lucky for me, in my home I don't have to deal with anyone else's messes!

I love my apartment. I've been here for 13 months now. It's in an ideal location, it's sunny and breezy, it's just big enough for one girl. I dig that some walls are blue, others are yellow and some are white. The only changes I would like are for more storage space and a fridge that works. Otherwise, the apartment is perfect for me.

My apartment is furnished with Ikea-grade student basics or spare pieces from my parents' home. Nothing was purpose-bought. As for decoration, I do have a lot of colourful things that brighten up my living space. Mostly, there are tiny souvenirs saved from my travels or they are gifts from friends and family. There's nothing fancy, in fact, but it's all very "me". If you haven't dropped by my Little Italy pad to say hi, I invite you to take a tour now! Click each photo to read notes about the items.

little table

Those little cards are actually adorable blotting paper packages from Hiyori in Japan. So cute, I had to do something with them! The calligraphy thing was a thank you gift from a student.

close-up: Hiyori blotting papers

inspiration board

Instead of the standard cork board, I use a piece of carpeting as a place to pin sweet memorabilia.

chest of drawers/bedside table

I usually have a much bigger pile of books here...

tea shelf

I like my tea, and there's a lot of tea that comes in very appealing packaging.

my desk

Here's where I communicate with you! Trust me, the desk drawers are chock-a-block with pens and cards and other miscellanea, but as long as I can't see the mess, I'm fine with it.


Denise said...

loved your place.
it's so white and organized :)

rob said...

I recognised the red bag from The Tea House straight away -- I have one just the same.

Netts said...

i miss living with you

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