Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Don't talk to me about wizards.

It's been a real challenge to avoid spoilers for Harry Potter 7. I've had to stay away from certain websites, skip sections of the newspaper, quickly flip TV channels or switch off radios. I've shrieked "DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING!" to real-life people several times already. It's getting harder day by day. I absolutely refuse to speed-read through the thing: I'm only on page 233 at the moment. I want to savour this last adventure. Hey people, there's a big famine a-comin' after you've binged on this final book. Now that you've raced all your friends to finish first, don't you wish you'd made it last a little longer?

Also: I have learned to knot cherry stems with my tongue. This new skill will take me far in life.


Xdroot said...

You've lasted this long?! Two days after the book came out a friend left the ending on my facebook!. I had been planning on enjoying no. 7 on my 13 hour flight tomorrow. I just don't understand why everyone is trying to spoil the end of a good yarn. So good luck with your plan.

bunnyhero said...

i wonder if it might not be a bad idea to enlist a friend to screen the comments of your blog before you read them :)

and bully for you for savouring the read! you make an excellent point about the drought afterwards.

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