Thursday, June 07, 2007

ROM Crystal

Since the design was unveiled in 2003, the ROM Crystal has forced everyone in Toronto choose sides: love or hate. Although I'm a heritage person, I've always been very much 'for' this project. I think the Crystal will be a new icon for the city, alongside the CN Tower and City Hall. It was a good risk to take.

Mmmm, slanty.

The Crystal still smells of fresh paint.
It's so much bigger on the inside than I expected.
With all the niches, corners, gangplanks and stairways, I predict that dozens of schoolchildren will be lost forever on class trips to the Crystal.
The many sharp, protruding wall segments are sure to injure visitors. I like that.
As it is without any exhibits installed yet, the space is a big minimalist playground.
Ignore the haters, the Crystal is a good thing for Toronto.

Leaning Wall 2


I'm at a place called Vertigo

The rest of my photos from the opening are here.

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Anonymous said...

well, in other words, you did not realy like it in heart, but try to be positive on things, especially for those that ate 200 million of good canadians' money.

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