Friday, May 25, 2007

Product Junkie

Hi, my name is Andrea and I'm a drug store addict.

Product Junkie

In the spirit of the 'What's in your bag?' post from last year, I present to you 'What's in your bathroom?'. It's a little glimpse into ma vie quotidienne. Click the photo to read notes on all that stuff.

Retail therapy really works for me: a bad day will often end in a visit to Shoppers Drug Mart. I like to treat myself to little pick-me-ups but my budget can usually only stretch to eye shadow or lip gloss. Most recently, I picked up some Hello Kitty Band-Aids. Now I can hardly wait until I next cut myself.

Why so many hair products? My hairstyle goes through a lot of lengths (c.f. spring '06 versus the current pixie). It takes a great diversity of hair goo to work with such different styles. Also there's the fun of experimenting with combining two or more compounds, kind of like chemistry class but with more opportunity for compliments.

If you enjoy my annotated photos, please check out my Flickr set of pictures with notes.

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J-Dawg said...

I saw some cool Band-aids myself. They are called "Bacon Strips" and yup, it looks like a strip of bacon stuck on your body...mmmmmmmmmm....bacon.

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