Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Day of May

How's this for a sweet reward? I'll treat an ice cream sundae to the first Toronto reader to ID where exactly Atsuko and I met this afternoon. And... go!

PS I really hate how Blogger deals with photos. There just aren't enough layout options.

PPS Oh wow, I really need a haircut!


bunnyhero said...

yeah, get a haircut, you hippy! :P

Co Co La Roux said...

The big chill. YAH!

Andrea said...

Co Co, you have won yourself an ice cream sundae! E-mail me and let me know when you're free to meet!

bunnyhero said...

that was my next guess! ;P

iiii want ice creeeaaaammm

Atsuko said...

Next ice cream, my new neighbourhood, ok?

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