Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Field Guide to Boys

No time for writing much this week. I'm in a knitting frenzy to finish a gift for Saturday's Belizean baby shower.

I won a game on last week. The prize was of a musical nature. Ian promised to write and record a song based on whatever title or topic I gave him. I pitched him the title "A Field Guide to Boys" because that's a blog post I have been meaning to write for years. Ian (aka E-Nda4Man) took that title and went in a new direction: I was thinking of a typology while he envisioned an expedition. Listen to Ian's track here! Fun.

This isn't the first song to be written in my honour. My high school/university sweetheart wrote and recorded a whole album for me. It never did get fully mixed so I don't have a copy of it. I can vaguely remember some of the lyrics: there was a line about "it's tucked up your sleeve" in reference to my habit of storing items in my shirt sleeves...

PS I have iminlikewithyou and Joost invites in perpetuity. Mail or comment any time for a hook-up.

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J-Dawg said...


The Field Guide to Boys is only 1 page long and consists of very basic needs/wants. If pictures were added it might reach 3 pages.

The Field Guide to Girls is 25 tomes with revisions every quarter.

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