Monday, May 28, 2007



Have you met my brother yet? This is Ewan. He turned 27 last week. Happy birthday, Ewan!

People rarely guess that we are siblings. We don't look much like each other. Ewan looks like a combination of our two grandfathers while I'm a cross between our two grandmothers. We do, however, have the same blue-green eye colour and we both have big, square, reliable teeth.

As for non-physical similarities, we share interests in U2, candy and international travel. We are both exceptionally neat and overly generous.

Ewan and I got along well as kids, which I think is typical of older sister/younger brother family dynamics. Also, we spent a lot of time hopping between countries so often we relied on each other as play companions. We still get along now, which is fantastic because we're sharing a city these days!


huy said...

ah you don't write a lot about your brother... you should!

vasta said...

I guess the good looks run in the family. =)

Send him my birthday regards!

ewan said...

Heard any good 'Apple Stories' lately?!
Many thanks for the blog-props! :)

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