Friday, April 13, 2007

yellow moon music

At first, I thought IMEEM was going to be great for embedding songs or playlists in my posts. Turns out it's good for a whole lot more. I've been able to find all kinds of songs that I didn't know existed or which I had been unable to find elsewhere. This is stuff that isn't on iTunes yet or will never be available there. Watch out, though, because this player tends to skip songs.

Travis - New album out soon! I had no idea! Here are two advance release tracks from "The Boy With No Name". I agree that all of Travis' songs sound pretty much the same, but the good thing is that if you like one song, you'll like them all. In "My Eyes", I love the "ya-ya-yey, ya-ya-yey" chorus. "3 Times and You Lose" starts off slow, but give it time. Travis' music is always ideal for a rainy spring morning.

Manic Street Preachers - A new album for them, too, which I was unaware of pre-IMEEM. "Your Love Is Not Enough" is a future single from the "Send Away the Tigers" album. This track is a little more commercial and a little less intellectual than I'd like to hear from the Manics. Nina from The Cardigans sings here. It's strange to hear a woman in a Manics song, but I think the voices compliment each other. I don't love this one (it's too warble-y) but those three basic power chords have made it stick in my head...

Akeboshi - You know how much I love this man. Akeboshi is the only artist that I've followed from complete obscurity, having found out about him all on my own. If you only listen to one of the songs on this playlist, let it be "Yellow Moon": he's gone from simple piano accompaniment to being backed by half an orchestra! "One Step Behind The Door" is so Clannad. I'll wager that Akeboshi is the only Japanese musician to be making use of a bodhran these days. I put "Deep End" in there just as a point of contrast.

Kinki Kids - I've been looking for this version of "Ai no Katamari" for five years! This is one of my best karaoke songs and it's a perfect J-Pop guilty pleasure confection. I love the lyrics, too: 教えたいもの 見せたいもの たくさん ありすぎるのよ...

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