Wednesday, April 04, 2007

NYC Day 1 (a week overdue)

Somehow, a whole week got past me before I got a chance to write about New York. Here's the first day, illustrated.

Thursday night, the plan was to fly down and then to join AJ at the Decemberists concert. Due to "high winds at La Guardia" (yeah, likely story), I didn't get to NY until 11am on Friday, missing the concert and a morning's worth of wandering around. It was very disappointing but I still made the best of the weekend:

-thanks to waking up at 4:30am to get to the airport, my street smarts were somewhat dulled and I somehow got swept into a shared limo while waiting at the taxi rank at LGA.

-met AJ at her office, was amused by primary colour decor and youthful employees zipping around on scooters, then was fed at the impressive cafeteria. Such perks...

-walked in the rain from Rockefeller Square up 5th Avenue to the southeast corner of the park, then into some shops along 60th Street



-went to AJ's apartment in the LES, then to her highly recommended Purdy Girl dress shop where I bought two purdy dresses and was advised by the salesman to "tape 'em" (in reference to my... chest). I am not New York enough to tape my rack!

-proceeded to an impressive Japanese whiskey bar called "Angel's Share", where we watched mysterious bartenders mix our $12 cocktails with surgical precision. Meanwhile, as the two of us sipped and relaxed in this sophisticated setting, pregnant AM was standing on a street corner somewhere waiting for us to show up. Sorry!

-The reunion is complete! We get dressed up to enjoy champagne and Thai food.

the fenced in man

More than an angel's share



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surgeon general said...

the girl in the picture smoking... is she pregnant? if so, that's a definite no no... fine mother she'll turn out to be.

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