Saturday, March 17, 2007

Does this make me look like a scenester?

Eye Weekly March 15th

Me to work buddy: "There's a photo of me in the latest Eye Weekly."
Work buddy: "Not in the back pages, I hope..."

No, not in the back pages, with black stars PhotoShopped over strategic body parts, but in the concert review pages (I'm bottom row centre). Why the crazy grin? The photographer was directing, "More personality, MORE personality!" so I couldn't help but mug for him. I probably got off easy with this manic smile pic: in the other frames he took, I was sticking out my tongue and flashing the sign of the devil.


huy said...


you are too scenester for your own safety.

vasta said...

You're my new favorite scenester. =)

bunnyhero said...

the way the pictures are laid out, it looks like 'frida' to your right is looking at you disapprovingly ;)

cool pic :D

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