Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thunder & Snow

I feel like a completely different human being since the weather changed on Tuesday morning. We had been dealing with weeks and weeks of -20 C temperatures, then there was a sudden upturn to about 3 C. It was such a relief. There's something about being trapped inside for days at a time that makes everything seem far worse than it really is.

Now, I'm sitting at my desk at home on Thursday morning, watching huge, fluffy clumps of snow descending from dense clouds. Unusually, there is a thunderstorm happening at the same time and the snowy scene is being lit up by lightening every few minutes. Crazy.

At work, I have finally finished all the reports for the field work that happened before the snow came. I work in the archaeological consulting business, so the clients' deadlines must be the first priority. The clients have now been satisfied as best as possible, so I've now turned my attention to more academic aspects of archaeology. I've been given a box of about 3,000 pieces of chipped stone. My task is to analyze and catalogue the chips and make sense of the data. I keep laughing when I think about how long this is going to take me: I bet it's going to be a couple of months at least. I took lithic analysis as an undergrad but I certainly never thought I'd use what I learned in 'real life'. I feel like I'm climbing back into the ivory tower. Stone tools are fascinating, but this particular assemblage is... not so much. Co-workers keep looking over my shoulder at what I'm doing and they invariably declare, "Oh my god, this was the shittiest site in the history of the company! Poor you!" I kind of wish they wouldn't.

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Curious Curls said...

I’m glad to see I’m not the only person who noticed the wild weather this morning. I kind of love the sense of magic behind lightning coupled with a major snow fall. Mother Nature is certainly having fun up there ;)

Nice blog.


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