Monday, February 19, 2007

A Rag Doll's Weekend

I spent the weekend balled up on three different couches: mine, Anisa's and Meghan's. I haven't been my usual easy-going, smiley self recently so it was good to have a couple of days to just go limp and let myself be sad. I'm lucky to have lots of friends who understand the feeling and who will let me feel sorry for myself for now but who won't let me forget that things will get better in time. To be honest, I'd quite like to sleep for two months but instead, I soldier on...

Rag Doll Weekend

I finished two books this weekend, both Canadian fiction.

The Communist's Daughter by Dennis Bock was something I chose off the library shelf simply because there's a bar of the same name in my neighborhood. To my surprise, the book turned out to be a biographical fiction of Norman Bethune, the celebrated Canadian surgeon who became a hero in China. It was a great book, for sure, and a story about the suffering of thousands made me snap out of my mood, if only a little.

Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam won a big literary prize last year. The collection of short stories about doctors in Toronto was a quick read and the character progression was intriguing. It wasn't brilliant but it was worth reading.

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Xdroot said...

I'm guessing the funk is from the 13/14 so it's probably guy issues. As a member of the male sex, I can honestly say all men are dogs. lol. Of course, I could be wrong. Any which who, it's good to have friends who you let you be. I like to look at the stars when I'm down. They put things in perspective.

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