Friday, February 23, 2007

me @ 29

So, here I am at 29.


I don't hate birthdays yet but this must be the point at which they become a time for reflecting on all the things I haven't achieved instead of an excuse for fun.

I did have fun with my sweet friends at Supermarket last night and there will be other events later. Don't feel sorry for me or anything.

Still... I just wish I could know one certain thing about my life. Everything is undecided, yet to be established. At 29, you'd think I might have sorted out a career or a "significant other", maybe I might have made a start on some offspring or a place to live.

Yes, yes, uncertainty can be exciting, but it can be exhausting, too.

From The Toronto Star: if today is your birthday, judging by some dazzling planetary activity, you will soon find yourself getting excited about positive changes in several areas of your life. This year will shine if you let your heart show the rest of you the way forward.


Anonymous said...

There are many of us in the same boat Andrea. We'll get there. Somehow. Oh, and you're actually allowed to stay 29 for 3 extra years, no one will know and it gives you extra time to figure stuff out. :)

will said...

Happy birthday Andrea! Now you should start the count down process until you turn 21 :D.

Olaf said...

Happy belated Birthday! To be honest, 30 wasn't much different from 29, 28, or 27 (I just turned 30 this year). Don't let it get to you. On another planet, you're a brilliant star shining your light on a population as they are to us - living on through eternity.

Netts said...

happy birthday! and btw, i love the new haircut. it's fierce!

Curious Curls said...

Happy Birthday. 29 is a pretty wicked place to be, hope you enjoy it ;)

Hepzibah The Watchman said...

I remember 29 even though it was long ago. You never have it all figured out - I know, I still don't - because life blows you where it will despite your plans. But, I will tell you a secret - life's wind feels so good blowing through your hair.

May God bless you, indeed.

vasta said...

Happy belated birthday hun. I must say, you were born on the best day of the year. =)

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