Sunday, February 04, 2007


This weekend, I vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed and tidied my entire apartment. Sheets, towels and clothes are fresh from the laundromat, folded and put away. I reorganized the kitchen cupboards. I cooked a Sunday roast - beef, potatoes, yam. A Sunday roast for one person means leftovers to get through most of the week. I also baked some cookies. My lunches for the next five days are ready to go, too. I spent much of today knitting. I would venture to say that I am well on the way to becoming a domestic goddess, as per my new year's resolutions.

I have no ambition to become a housewife. Still, I bet I'd be good at it if such a fate befalls me.

In keeping with the whole homemaker motif, I also have a headache and a vague feeling of dissatisfaction...

Before you dismiss me as a prim and proper Martha Stewart in training, take a look at my very un-matronly knitting project. This is the Lelah top from Knitting for Boozehags (!). I started it in September but progress was halted by a stack of Christmas priority knitting. I was near tears when I finished the top last week and found that the bust was waaay too big for me. I had to put Lelah away for several days before I could bring myself to unravel that part and knit it again. Now that it's finished, I am proud of myself for taking on a challenging pattern. I think that in a few more years, I could really be a good knitter.

On Friday, I spotted an unusual knitting book and had to buy it. The title is 'Domi-knit-rix: Whip Your Knitting Into Shape'. Cute, huh? The book even has a black vinyl cover. The patterns have some edge to them and are beautifully shaped: they aren't the same old pom-pom hats and boxy v-neck sweaters in most other books. There are two really awesome vests that I'd love to make (neither are pictured in that link) and I also like the side-knit short sweater (shown in pink) but they won't be easy. These projects require some 'mad skillz', as my brother might say. Luckily, 'Domi-knit-rix' boasts a surprisingly detailed and well illustrated instruction section. Hey, just because I buy books with tricky patterns doesn't mean I'm begging for punishment.

'Stitch n Bitch', 'Domi-knit-rix', 'Knitting for Boozehags'... I love how this traditional craft has been revived with such sassiness.

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Netts said...

WOW. That top is gorgeous. You're indeed quite the domestic goddess.

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