Thursday, February 08, 2007

a bit off

Something seems to be a bit off with my head. It feels like maybe my brain isn't sitting quite where it should be in my skull. You know what happens when you bump a tea cup that's resting on a saucer? Like that. It's not uncomfortable, it's just not right.

Possible reasons for weirdness in skullular-brainal positioning:

1. Freeze-thaw action (or 'frost wedging') caused by frequent exposure of my head to severe cold weather. Perhaps liquids in my head are freezing, expanding and shifting other stuff around in there.

2. Sinus pressure. I have a cold and an ongoing sinus headache, maybe something swollen is squishing my brain to one side? For a few days, I've had aerotitus (that feeling you get in your ears when the pressure changes in an airplane) so don't think I'm quite equalized...

3. Watching 37 episodes of LOST in less than a fortnight in a futile attempt to catch up in time for last night's new episode. I believe that would have a negative effect on anyone's brain.

1 comment :

Patrick said...

While the first two are good hypotheses, I'm going to with the 3rd one. A single episode of Lost can often jiggle your brain. A crash course would surely leave it a little off-kilter.

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