Saturday, January 20, 2007

SF report

The Bridge.

"Hey Andrea, you've been back for more than two weeks and you still haven't written about San Francisco!"

"Oh, yeah..."

So: six days in sunny San Francisco. I liked it. It reminded me a lot of Australia - certain parts of the city itself seemed quite Melbourne-ish while the cliffs and ocean vistas were very Sydney. Besides that, I had great company and yummy food. Here's the day-by-day summary, with more detail than you wanted.

Tues. Dec. 26th
-Air Canada flight from YYZ>SFO. Super turbulent, felt ill, stagger off plane
-Met at the gate by H., everything's good

Wed. Dec. 27th
-lunch at a place called India Clay Oven on Geary Ave. Yum!
-Sutro Heights Park. Cliff, view, eucalyptus trees, ocean. Nice.
-to Japantown and driving tour of downtown San Francisco
-dinner at China First on Clement Street, order way too much

Thurs. Dec. 28th
-drive to Daly City, dim sum at Koi Palace, featuring luscious Peking duck
-H. humours me by letting me run wild in my beloved Target
-steep climb to Grand View Park to admire and photograph that grand view
-watched the 1985 Japanese film 'Tanpopo' then, inspired by the film, we slurp up ramen at Tanpopo in Japantown
-at the Asian Art Museum, we see a million different Buddhas

Fri. Dec. 29th
-tried out attempted shojin ryori at Cha-Ya, not so great
-walking around The Mission area
-make up for the healthy dinner with a huge slice of cake at Toy Boat Cafe

Sat. Dec. 30th
-Golden Gate Bridge! Baker Beach! The Presidio!
-driving along the Pacific coast on The Great Highway
-Ghirardelli Square (chocolate!) and Fisherman's Wharf touristy stuff
-posh seafood dinner at McCormick & Kuleto's (yes, I am indeed spoiled)

Sun. Dec. 31st
-the de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park
-Haight Street , former hippie/beat central
-Happy New Year!

Mon. Jan. 1st
-started the year off with noodles at King of Thai
-another drive down the Great Highway
-to ensure my maximum discomfort on the flight home, we scarf roti and beef rendang at Banana Island in Daly City.
-drive to Oakland Airport, over the Bay Bridge
-Good bye SF, good bye and thank you, H.!

There are a few more photos here. Also, if you can't tell already, I'm really into the citizen review site Yelp these days. Can't wait until I can 'yelp' about my favourite places in Toronto.

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