Thursday, January 11, 2007


Could you pardon me a moment while I go freshen up?

Be sure to hit the refresh button yourself...

Things were getting a little stale around here so I have revived myself with a clean, modern template. It will take some time to go back and change the image width and text size of all my old posts, so please excuse the mess while I sort out the details.


chitragupt said...

your new template is great. It is simple and sweet as i used in my blog

_ ANEW _ said...

Hi Andrea!
I found your blog by random and wanted to comment on the great pics you have placed on the page. I also am a bit of a fan of asian culture and would love to visit Japan someday!

Take Care : )



nicole said...

great new template, Andrea!

Jorge said...

Looks really great. And a happy belated New Year!!

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