Monday, December 18, 2006

red, red, red

Still catching my breath after a beautiful, wonderful, eventful season. Autumn won't be forgotten.


Koyasan Umbrellas

Firey Lantern

at my feet

The changes of the seasons are powerful to make men feel all around them the wonder of things, and, people say, the autumn most of all... No season is so crowded with events as autumn.
-Yoshida Kenko


Callum said...

this red set is really, really, really red. and special.

no Wonder Japanese cameras are world re-known for being brilliant; there are so many beautiful places to be captured.

i have a new desktop background in this shot:

thank you! :D

Callum said...

... beautiful places [in japan] to be captured.

(can't believe Blogger doesn't allow editing, eek- new layout is fan-dabby-dozy- but will you come back to iBlog some day, when they sort it all out- or are you settled in?)

Andrea said...

Thanks, Callum!
There certainly is a lot to photograph in Japan, but I think there are beautiful places to be captured whenever I go somewhere new.
So glad you liked the umberlla pic enough to desktop it!
As for iBlog... I don't know. I like being able to post from anywhere with Blogger. I might be here for the long run.
I still appreciate all your help with the Coppola template all those months ago!

Eden said...


I love your photos. Very nice resolution. It is a joy reading your blog.

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