Saturday, November 11, 2006

Ohayo from Osaka

Hi! This is just a mini-post to say, I`m Osaka and I`m good. Last night, I went back to the izakaya in Nishinomia where I used to be a regular, accompanied by about 20 of my favourite drinking buddies. There`s something to be said for crossing the world only to have big groups of friends waiting to greet you.
On that note, I must rush off to Umeda Big Man to meet more friends!


nicole said...

sounds like you're having fun, Andrea!

jewellery by caitlin said...

AHOY-HOY from ASI!!!!

So yesterday was full of slacking off as NO ONE was in the office...literally I think there may have been 5 people in the office all day!!!! Actually I was amazed at how much was accomplished yesterday.

Gotta love the late fall fieldwork!

Anyway, sounds like you are having a blast and I am sure it is all coming to a close just a little to fast!

See you on Monday!

Anisa said...

Dying for more trip news!!!

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