Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Konnichiwa from Kyoto

One of the crowd

The good news is that I made it to Kyoto alive and well. The bad news is that the jet lag may kill me (I almost fell off a mountain yesterday).

More good news is that I`m seeing and doing lots of fun things. The bad news is that, upon review, it seems that my photos are sucking.

It`s been really cool to see, hear and even smell all sorts of things that used to be so familiar to me but which I had forgotten about...


huy said...

looks like a wonderful photo to me! have more fun while i vicariously live through you.

Hikaru said...

you make a very cute jizo. ;)

ewan said...

I like the guy rockin' out on the guitar. :)
I'm glad you're having fun, but please don't fall off any mountains, sidewalks, stairs, bicycles or cliffs. Thank you. Have fun!

Alph said...

why does "Waldo" come to mind... hmm :O)

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