Friday, October 27, 2006

Things To Do

So, I went out for two measly martinis last night and now I'm totally hung-over. That's a very poor showing for a girl who was once bestowed with the nickname 'Zaru' (i.e. 'sieve') due to her ability to drink large amounts of spirits without effect. I am in big trouble for my upcoming Izakaya Club reunion party...

Only one more week 'til I take off for Kansai! Although I've been counting down the days since springtime, the trip somehow snuck up on me. Guess I've had other things distracting me recently. Now I have a huge list of things to take care of in the next few days. This weekend will be dedicated to stuff like sorting out omiyage, confirming social plans and glancing over old Japanese class notes. It's not fun but necessary to make sure things go well once I arrive.


Atsuko said...

woohoo! 1 more week for you!
I'm leaving Japan in 4 days. But I'm still planning my trip! I'm usually very good at planning trips, but I noticed that was beacause I had so much time in my hands at work!!! I've done everything I could at work! Now I'm sitting at my table at home. having 24 hours for ONLY myself. (for... 3 months so far) I haven't done much!

See you on Friday!!! :)

nicole said...

arrived home from work quite late this evening and after 2 glasses of wine, I was a giggling Gertie!! the older we get, the tolerance levels go down I think...uh oh.

Have a fabulous time in Kansai...and have fun with Atsuko when she's in TO :)

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