Friday, October 13, 2006

Roll out that barrel of fun

Thanksgiving long weekend kind of rocks. That was especially the case this year as I took in Rocktoberfest as part of my hometown's Oktoberfest (or, as I have heard it called, "the festering sore of October").

Oktoberfest provides revellers with the opportinity to swig beer, wear feathered hats, eat giant sausages and pretend that they only listen to oompapa and polka muisc once a year at the festival. Rocktoberfest featured an extended set by Walter Oskanek, Canada's polka king. I used to be related to him, albeit distantly (true story!). The headline act for Rocktoberfest was Sloan, the CanCon champs. I'm not really familiar with Sloan but I still enjoyed the show. The highlight for me was when Walter joined the band for a new spin on some classic polka tracks. Nice.

The other highlight of the weekend was mum's variation on the ordinary Thanksgiving turkey. She prepared a great big rolled turkey breast with a rather gourmet stuffing of cranberries, pistachios, shallots and fresh bread crumbs, all seasoned with local apple cider and various spices. Delicious! The left-overs have been decadent, too.

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Atsuko said...

Sounds like a fun long weekend.
I used to be a big fan of Sloan. When they toured in Japan, one of my friends were working for them, so I got bunch of goodies... :)
anyways, I will see you in... less than 3 weeks!!!

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