Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Est-ce que tu as peur de cette nuit?

Oh, I am wildly in love with Hallowe'en.

Come into the light

Scary Girls

Team Hallowe'en

My inspiration. More photos here.

(Interesting to me is that last year's Hallowe'en entry is now my most popular post, with 'C'est l'Hallowe'en' being my top search words. Word up to Matt Maxwell: re-release your music digitally! There is demand.)


huy said...

wow, your costume endeavors make my halloween efforts look a bit... half-assed!

great costumes.

nicole said...

looks like a fun party and those costumes are fabulous! :)

e-n said...

Hello! Hope you're enjoying Kyoto! But then all of a sudden from totally out of left field land: as an occasional consumer of your blog, I must have missed last year's halloween post until just now, a little past this year's post. The crux: I dug through some old records and found my Matt Maxwell LP and have just ripped "C'est l'Halloween" should you have a need for such a thing or would care to pass it along to an interested party. Run on sentence much? Post me a note on the FrankieFoo message board if you're interested... Please don't turn me to stone! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I want the rest of the c'est l'halloween lyrics :p
From one of the randoms that googled the song in hopes of finding it <_<

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