Monday, September 18, 2006

wedding recap

Well, it's all over. Wedding season, I mean. The schedule of six for the summer of 2006 was sadly reduced to five when an illness within one bride's family forced the postponement of their event.

Every wedding had its own quirks and charms, of course. Sunday's wedding was an interesting affair: my first Albanian Muslim wedding. There was much circle dancing but no 'you may kiss the bride'. I can also check off 'Slovenian', 'Portuguese' and 'Croatian' for this year.

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of my wedding day (all my fantasies involved archaeology). But now I think I'm allowed to have a few opinions in the case, against all odds, that day should somehow eventuate.

-I would never be the type to wear a tiara
-Every song for the dancing playlist should be carefully selected. You may not please everyone with the music, but at least you can please somebody! The hall-supplied DJs played song after inappropriate song, not even getting the hint when no-one was dancing!
-A chocolate fountain is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Jorge and Susan, however, had by far the tastiest wedding cake.

Though the course of all the weddings, I also discovered my new bar rail staple drink of choice: schnapps and soda. Yeah, I'm all about the schnapps these days.

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