Wednesday, September 27, 2006

three cups of green tea

I just noticed
that yesterday was
the 3rd anniversary
of this little web log
lots of things have happened to me
during those well documented three years
(467 posts worth)
although I don't usually think
of these years as particularly evenful ones

In that time,
I spent months wallowing in luxurious unemployment
I ran an election campaign office
I learned how to knit
I travelled to Ottawa, Vancouver, NYC, New Hampshire, Maine
I took hundreds of photos
I found a job and learned the ways of the consulting archaeology trade
I dated a guy and got dumped for his previous girlfriend
I dated another guy for more than two years (and haven't been dumped yet)
I was interviewed for two rather prestigious jobs and was turned down for both
I bought about 15 pairs of shoes
I saved just enough cash for a two week holiday overseas
I was the victim of a crime
I learned how to draw maps
I met the one famous person who I really worship
I moved into a new apartment, then moved into another
I learned the basics of bellydancing
I had surgery
I made cameo appearances in two TV programs
I made a cameo appearance on the Yahoo! website
I passed my 2nd degree blackbelt exam

There are more things, plus
my friends have had some pretty cool accomplishments, too,
from becoming doctors or lawyers
to starting an awesome accessories line
to buying houses to moving or volunteering overseas

thanks to this blog,
I got to know lots of interesting people,
some who I have met face-to-face
and some who I haven't
thanks to this blog,
friends don't call me to see how I am
they just read up on me here instead
thanks to this blog,
I got into trouble for things I wrote
from my mother
from my boss
from someone I was dating (not Vince)
and even from moody strangers
thanks to this blog,
I've had a creative outlet
for writing and photos
and for keeping track of all those thoughts
that I would have otherwise forgotten
be they significant moments in my life
or, more often, not
it doesn't matter if nobody else is reading them

I don't know what my situation will be
this time next year or six months from now
regardless if everything's the same
or if everything's different
I'll keep on posting

-Andrea ("green tea girl")


Huy said...


I'm looking forward to many more years of your blogging to come.

Hikaru said...

has it really been that long...? o.O


i'll be reading 3 yrs from now, hun.

more pix.

set them knittin' fingers on Fire!

nicole said...

3! happy blogiversary. i must have started reading soon after you started the original 'green tea'. my 3 year anniversary is coming up soon too.

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