Friday, September 15, 2006

...and After

Well, it's not exactly what I wanted but it's okay. A bit bubble-shaped, I think. The wingy bits need more work. But it's only hair, after all, and I can get it right next time. For those who are thinking "actually, the before photo looked better", I would like to mention that my hair is really fine, flat and whispy so when long, it just sits there all lank and sad. The photo below was a little too kind, I think.

That was the longest my hair had been since St. Patrick's Day 2002 when master stylist Ikuya at PCK Shinsaibashi relieved me of my bedraggled waist-length hippie mane. I loved the short look and attitude so much that I've been almost afraid to grow long hair ever since. Last year I decided that 'always short' was just as much of a rut as 'always long' but now I accept that short is better for my hair type as well as my personality. Yay! Freedom!

Oh, wow, I can't believe I spent a whole post on my hair. How very LiveJournal.


Hikaru said...


i like it!

i would trim the back a bit -- it looks too heavy compared to the front, and it will be definitely "bushy" in a month.

but the flippy part = lurve.

Atsuko said...

:) You really are "bijin" aren't you?

Kinki said...

Hee hee. Agree with Atsuko! I liked both the styles actually, but think I like the new one better. Much more 2006!!!

nicole said...

It must be the week for new haircuts - you AND Atsuko.....both of you have such lovely hair styles!

Netts said...

love it! also, love the sweater.

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