Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sizzle, sizzle

Apparently, last night was the hottest night on record for Toronto. Yeah, the highest evening low since 1840 when temperature records were started. So, hottest night in at least 166 years and I spent it running 6 laps of Trinity-Bellwoods Park. If I'd known about the record, I probably would have used it as an excuse to stay inside, slumped on the couch.

In the midst of this heatwave, my apartment's central air broke. It's very, very hot in my place - hot enough to melt candles that aren't even lit. My landlord is away in Japan for a month and is unreachable. The other tenant and I can't really arrange for the replacement of the system without his consent, so we are in for a bit of a sweaty stay. I actually didn't realize it was broken until the landlord's mum e-mailed to apologize on behalf of her son (who is still unaware of the problem, I think). Anyway, thankfully, a work friend/close neighbour lent me a fan just in time for that record-breaking night. It makes a difference. I still haven't a decent sleep for some days, though.
What gets me though the sweltering heat are memories of days not so long ago when it was too painfully cold to leave the house. Sometimes I wonder why civilization continues in a region that experiences such extreme temperatures on either side of the freezing point... I suppose the more pertinant question is how the first people to live in this region survived; average temperatures were a few degrees lower, but of course they didn't have central air for their longhouses and cabins...

How are you keeping cool this summer?

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