Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Addicted to Kimchee: A True Story

So, I acted in a short film last night.

I was walking down Bloor Street with Nicole, who had asked me to show her around Korea Town. We started at P.A.T. supermarket (where Nicole picked up cheap Pocky and Calpis) and then we stopped by the walnut cake shop for, uh, walnut cakes. We were just looking around for a place to have some bubble tea when a woman stopped us.

She told us that she was the director of a short film which was being shot inside a small restaurant and that one of the actors had failed to show up. Would we be able to help? Sure, we said!

The little movie they were shooting was pretty low budget (no budget, perhaps). One camera, one boom, three characters. It is a short drama destined for local Korean language TV. For some reason, the director lady latched on to me as the one who should take the role. Nicole reckons it was because I look more non-Korean than she does, but I don't really know. I played the part of a Canadian girl who is addicted to kimchee (a character I can relate to). I come into the restaurant to buy said addictive kimchee and I chat with the grandmotherly lady who works there. I had lines in English and Korean. Luckily, my Korean pronunciation is pretty good considering I was just a random white girl they pulled in off the street.

It was all very amusing: I've never had people use words like "action", "cut" and "take two" with me. Also, there were long shots, close-ups and reaction shots. Gosh, if I'd known I was going to be filmed for TV, maybe I would have put on some make-up, done my hair or worn nice clothes. Never mind. My part will probably only be about 30 seconds long and nobody will see it, anyway. The director promised me a DVD of the finished product, though, so I'll try to post it here.

When it was all over, they paid me in kimchee. This acting thing is one sweet gig.


nicole said...

so random, but sounds like it was a lot of fun :)

Hikaru said...


yappa kyou wa tonkotsu kimchi ramen da!

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